Thursday, April 5, 2012

Body Language – key ingredient to a positive image

Have you ever wondered how somebody with a great face and superb body can look sloppy in a photograph or in life? Happens many times especially with models & many good looking people when their body language just doesn’t communicate poise or attraction or confidence... For the look in their eyes, the smile, their posture, stance all of which is body language & much more fails to project that! And people who understand & project a positive body language while may not be very good looking can actually impress upon confidence, success, attraction & many other things they want to!
Body language is so essential to Image that without getting it right Queen Elizabeth won’t be a queen, Cindy Crawford won’t be a supermodel, Barrack Obama won’t be the president of USA or at least all of them won’t look their part & be as successful and known as they are! Body language contributes significantly to the visual appearance & presence of a person. And since any communication is 80% visual, the stakes on body language are nothing but high.

For a great first impression, follow the SHE of Body language for a flawless positive interaction when you meet people especially the first time:
S – Smile, because nothing can replace what it communicates. If you don’t smile much, practice!
H – Handshake, take the initiative and give a firm but not too firm handshake! Remember it doesn’t mean holding hands.
E – Eye contact, because our eyes can speak what we can’t & it is the key to connecting during any interaction/ communication. But no staring!

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