Monday, April 23, 2012

How others see your attitude in first meetings

When you meet people for the first time, they will ask you about what you do. While different people answer in different ways, it can say a lot of you... And it’s not just about what you say but how you say it! You could either say “I’m just a housewife” or you could say “I’m a Homemaker & proud mother of two”. You could say “I’m self-employed” or you could say “I’m an entrepreneur, run my own firm/business by the name of xyz and love what I do”.  Don’t the latter statements sound more positive?
Self introductions have a lot to do with how we view ourselves. It shows how much respect and passion do we attach to who we are and what we do. And if we are not respectful and passionate about who we are and what we do... How do we expect others to do that?
If we always keep comparing ourselves to others, we will probably never be happy. And it is unfair to do so since each individual is unique and so different from the others. So “appreciate yourself” and “celebrate what you do” and the same will reflect through when you meet & interact with people!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What does your hairstyle say?

Your hair is right up your face and can communicate significantly to other people about you.  So there is no way that you can get away with just anything even if you are wearing the best of clothes or have the perfect mannerism. So attention must be paid to groom them. Rough, unkempt, badly coloured hairs speak negatively your image right away! So, proper care in maintaining them must be taken in consultation with a hair expert. Many times, during our individual consultations when we take clients for hair styling, they come back not just with great hairstyles but also with life-saving or rather hair-saving tips!
Next comes, the question of what hairstyle to go for. While the hairstyle must suit your face and build; one must pay attention to what they communicate. And one’s profession, lifestyle, roles, goals, personal style must be taken into account while deciding the hairstyle


    Straight &/or tied
 controlled, authoritative even reserved
Wavy/Curly -
Friendly, approachable

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Body Language – key ingredient to a positive image

Have you ever wondered how somebody with a great face and superb body can look sloppy in a photograph or in life? Happens many times especially with models & many good looking people when their body language just doesn’t communicate poise or attraction or confidence... For the look in their eyes, the smile, their posture, stance all of which is body language & much more fails to project that! And people who understand & project a positive body language while may not be very good looking can actually impress upon confidence, success, attraction & many other things they want to!
Body language is so essential to Image that without getting it right Queen Elizabeth won’t be a queen, Cindy Crawford won’t be a supermodel, Barrack Obama won’t be the president of USA or at least all of them won’t look their part & be as successful and known as they are! Body language contributes significantly to the visual appearance & presence of a person. And since any communication is 80% visual, the stakes on body language are nothing but high.

For a great first impression, follow the SHE of Body language for a flawless positive interaction when you meet people especially the first time:
S – Smile, because nothing can replace what it communicates. If you don’t smile much, practice!
H – Handshake, take the initiative and give a firm but not too firm handshake! Remember it doesn’t mean holding hands.
E – Eye contact, because our eyes can speak what we can’t & it is the key to connecting during any interaction/ communication. But no staring!