Friday, March 16, 2012

Questions to ask before you shop for clothes?

Most of us buy clothes by the look of it... when something looks nice or we’ve seen something in a Fashion magazine or seen a celebrity wearing it we feel confident buying it. But to really use clothes to our advantage and spend our money on clothes wisely we need to ask the following questions:

- What is the occasion for which I am buying this new clothing? Buying another party dress when you have a closet full of them may not be wise. When I do wardrobe evaluations for my clients this was a common occurrence.
- Do the clothing details communicate the right message as per the purpose, occasion? Even though you might love horizontal stripes but they are not apt for a business situation. So make sure your clothes communicate the right message.
- Do the clothes correctly represent your inner personality? Business clothes don’t always have to be dull and boring. You can also spot a bright scarf or tie to show the vibrant side of your personality
- Many clothes may look attractive on a window display but the question is do they make you look attractive? They should flatter your body shape and personal colouring! While helping clients shop I have to tell them to resist that temptation.
- Do the new clothes go with your current wardrobe? If the new top you buy doesn’t go with anything in your wardrobe then it goes unworn. That’s the reason most people have about 70% of their wardrobe as non-functional.
Use clothing as a resource to project the right and positive image at all times!

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