Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Image should be authentic and not fake

Image Management is about helping individuals/organizations project the right image, so that they can create positive impressions on others. Image matters because our success in various spheres whether professional, social or personal depends on how people perceive us! As perception is believed to be reality most of the times in life, it becomes important how we build people’s perceptions of “us” in their minds by managing our image.
As a marketer in my corporate life, I realized that people’s decision to buy products as big as a TV or as small as a lip balm, depends on which brand do they perceive positive for the kind of benefit they look for.  I believe that it is truer in case of people... you get hired for a job because you are perceived as smart & a high performer. You make more friends because people perceive you as a fun person to be with...
A gentleman in one of my workshops few days back said “It is not possible to keep up image for long because it is fake...”  I told him that the right image should not and does not have to be fake. During my individual consultations with clients, I spend a lot of time understanding what a client’s personality, likes/dislikes, attitudes; traits are before going ahead with any recommendations on their Image! So Image has to be authentic and represent who the person actually is. It cannot be fake or phony!

You cannot wear clothes by the rule of book always! You have to consider who you are. If a business suit chokes you and you are not a banker then why wear it. Even when a situation requires a certain way of dressing, mould it as per your likes/ dislikes. Office-wear does not mean boring. You can add colours, interest with unique accessories that differentiate you as a person!

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