Thursday, December 22, 2011

Colours and how they can enhance your body shape

Colour is the most visible and therefore crucial elements in a person's appearance. It is noticed first, almost instantly when you meet someone. And it is after people notice the colour of somebody’s outfit, do they think about the other elements in clothing design like line, shape/silhouette, patterns and the fabric. It is therefore worthwhile to know how to pick colours to wear. Also, many people find colour selection and co-ordination as one of the difficult aspects of getting dresses.
As an image consultant, I evaluate a client’s body and face shape to help him/her use their clothes and elements of design to counter figure variations or enhance where desired. And colours come in handy as one of the elements of design to do the same.
- When you are looking to decrease attention and size to appear slimmer and taller go with cool hues that are dark and dull like navy blue, charcoal, grape. Avoid contrast and in fact try one overall colour!
- On the contrary to increase attention and appear shorter/heavier wear warm hues that are bright and light like shocking pink, tangerine, canary, raspberry with strong contrasts.
- Attention goes to contrast & bright colors. It can be created with scarves, tie, jewellery etc around face to take away attention from body variations if any.
- Camouflage body variations like a heavier lower body by wearing dark/dull colored clothes that flow over

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