Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dressing well and Building your own Personal Style

When it comes to clothes, small details often make big impact. Indeed, God is in the details whether it comes to art, science or dressing well that combine art, science and much more. And when you put all that effort, thought & time and develop a clothing style that is distinctly yours it is your “Personal Style”. Remember how you go “aha” every time you see someone you know and how they dress themselves impeccably while maintaining a style that we associate with that person. While dressing well and developing a “Personal Style” is something that takes its own effort and time; one can achieve it with the will to do the same, knowledge of clothing elements and an artistic expression of his/her likes/dislikes.

The science part of clothing gives you the basics of carefully picking clothes that not only flatter your physical appearance but are in agreement with your personality and roles in life. For instance, if you want to create the illusion of being tall wear vertical lines which also communicate business and authority. Similarly, colours which are the most visual aspect of clothing should be carefully chosen as per the occasion – business/casual and your personality. If you are a serious person who mostly encounters business situations then wearing dominant bright colours may not be a good idea!

After, you understand the different design elements or take help from an Image Consultant to figure out what works best for your body type, personality and roles. Now comes the art part. You might be a banker who loves red colour. While it would be inappropriate to wear a matched red suit, you will do nothing wrong if you wear a bright red scarf underneath your business suit - you will rather make a style statement amongst the boring business suit wearers. Thus, you can add interest to any ordinary outfit by adding an interesting and unique accessory/ clothing piece that you like. The art in clothing will let you express yourself through your clothes and lend your outfit an “X-factor” every time you dress. And that is what makes all the difference in helping you stand out from the crowd every time you go out, of course in a positive way. I want to categorically point out that outrageous, shocking, rebellious style is not what I am talking about here.
So go out and create your own "Personal Style" - one of your biggest assets!

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